NVLOOK Lens Guide

NVLOOK Lens Guide

Lens is for personal use only!! DO NOT SHARE CONTACT LENSES.

  • Insert contact lenses before applying make up.
  • Remove contact lenses before removing make up
  • Do not exceed daily wear of 8 Hours. (beginner’s stars with 2 hours a day, gradually increase as your eyes adjust to the contact lens.)
  • Do not sleep with contact lenses
  • Do not use water to store contact lenses.

How to wear lens:

  1. Please wash your hands.
  2. Please put the lens on the right finger.
  3. Please widely open your eye by pulling upper eyelid with left middle finger and lower eyelid with right middle finger.
  4. Please place the lens softly on the pupil.
  5. Please close your eye softly to place lens on the center and softly touch the eyelid.

How to take off lens:

  1. Please wash your hands.
  2. Please widely open your eye with fingers.
  3. Please remove lens with grasping the lens with right thumb and second finger.

Even though the lens is available for continuous wearing, daily cleansing should be done. It is recommended to use protein-removal at least once every two weeks for freshness.

Change solution in the lens carrying case daily after used.

Consult to doctor in case of symptom of redness or pain.

Lens safety:

  • Those who have eye disease or are seriously allergic to a contact lens must not use the lens.
  • Check if you have any disease in your eye or whole body, and follow an ophthalmologists direction in using it.
  • Do not use if the sterile blister package is opened or damaged.
  • Store it in a preservative solution for lens.
  • Use a cleanser, a rinser or a lubricant appropriate for the lens material.
  • Stop using it and consult with an ophthalmologist if you feel a severe pain or an alien substance.
  • If you have an unstable sight due to a dry surface of a lens, supplement artificial tears or a physiological saline solution and blink your eyes to get normal sight.
  • If you have eye strain due to overwork, insufficient sleep, or long-time reading, stop using a lens and take a rest for a while.
  • Use a physiological saline solution, a cleaner, or a preservative solution, necessarily manufactured by a specialized company, and never use tap water or other privately made inferior goods.
  • Ensure a lens does not contact with soap, shampoo, hair spray, or cosmetics, and put on make up after wearing a lens.
  • Do not leave a flaw a fingernail.